The nuclear disaster in Tsjernobyl, the fall of the Berlin wall, the nuclear threat of North-Korea, the armed peace between East and West, the first ever landing on the moon; these are only parts of the Atompunk-theme of the GOGBOT festival, that takes place in 10 locations in the center of Enschede, in September.

The festival has a free entrance. The festival that has known 15.000 visitors with the 2008 Steampunk-edition, is an initiative of PLANETART, organization of the Multi-media art, and sci-fi guru/cyberpunk godfather Bruce Sterling. Especially for the GOGBOT festival, several themes have been developed, based on the technological and industrial innovation starting from 1945.

The GOGBOT festival offers more than 200 multi media artists, musicians, designers, writers, thinkers, architects, scientists and “techies” a platform to present themselves to the public, who will be overwhelmed with Sputniks, the first satellites, Soviet Cosmonauts, communist design, interactive robots, an autonomous rocket-launch, nuclear testing, space design, ufo’s, superheroes, drive-ins, unpredictable professors and Sexy Soviet art! So, step into the time-machine of the GOGBOT festival!

More bits in english on http://GOGBOT.nl and http://ATOMPUNK.LIVE.NU


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